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Motion Designer
Full-time | On-site, Atlanta

Job Description:

Creative design firm located in Atlanta’s west end is looking for a motion designer. You must be able to develop complex graphics, animation, and live video content. You will be working on a range of projects. As a motion designer, you will concept and design storyboards through animation. We are looking for someone to collaborate extensively with our creative team and must be good with clients during client supervised sessions. You will be expected to bring the following capabilities:


Take direction from art director to execute a project to completion.

Collaborate with others to help realize concepts.

Provide creative feedback on projects.


Compositing expertise

Expertise in After FX and Cinema 4D

Knowledge of Adobe Suite

Editing experience in Premiere a plus

Design experience for style frames

Strong creative, and conceptual problem solving skills


10 days PTO

Healthy amount of holidays

Competitive salary


Insurance coverage (health, dental, emergency, etc.)

Monthly company breakfast

Monthly fun Friday’s

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Please provide your first and last name
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