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February 21, 2017 -

Part 2: Rethinking Our Client Workflow Process

The first step in helping a client, is figuring out that they are in need.

This is a lot harder to do at larger companies, however, where stakeholders go up several levels. These stakeholders may have particular ways and specific reasons for doing things, and the results may have trickled down to every department. With larger companies finding problems is easy, but fixing them is another story. Organizations of this size tend to have checks and balances that allow for discrepancies in various areas—for example, we might spend time fixing a design system that may never see the light of day, because activation would be more of an undertaking than figuring out how to solve the problem in the first place. This can also happen in smaller sized companies, primarily where cost is the determining factor holding back the solution from coming to fruition. Read more

October 25, 2016 -

Part 1: Rethinking Our Client Workflow Process

Our industry has changed quite a bit since we first began. Turn-around-times, deliverables, ideas, have all shifted the way we approach our work. This evolution has forced us to adapt, and in turn has revealed pain-points in our process. The following is an ode to how we used to approach problem-solving, a discourse of our old workflow. Read more