January 24, 2017 -

Winter Holiday Gifts

This holiday season, the creative problem solving team put together a little kit to say thank you to our clients. The goal behind the design was to extend our brand by creating a design system that felt nostalgic, while also suggesting that summer was right around the corner. The exterior packaging was designed to mimic a military-style rations box; the inside held beach related gear.

We created a mysterious and enticing experience of opening the box, for the gift recipient. The products on the inside were designed to fit together in a fun and compact way. The beach towel continued the military style design of the box cover, carrying forward the design system in a purposeful way.

When we began work on the towel, we created designs that closely followed the UTÖKA brand, but they fell short in telling the story of the package as a whole. The designs were interesting, but didn't really capture the feeling we wanted to evoke.

The first iteration suggested surfing, falling in line with the beach theme, but was a little awkward in its approach. Another was a play on the brand mark, and though it felt interesting as a whole, it strayed from the story of the packaging.

For the card design we wanted to play directly with our brand identity, creating something that was familiar for anyone who's had a chance to experience our visual aesthetics. The card is a simple introduction to the gift, and was created to be something that someone might put on a fridge or hang in their office.

We created a system of design, for the box packaging, that pulled from ration labels – we wanted a sort of heft and hand manufactured feeling from the design. However, we didn't want to make the box feel too serious, so we threw in fun copywriting elements to bring levity to the design.

Putting all these elements together took some planning – and a little scavenging – to find all the right materials. For the box, we wanted something that would hold up in the mail, but that also felt a little premium. The first company that came to mind was U-Line — this product in particular felt right for the box.

We screen-printed our design on to the top of the box, wrote the edition number by hand, and hand-stamped our logo mark with this product from Lumi. The whole process of screen-printing presented a plethora of problems, as this was our first attempt at the process, and we were doing it all in-house. We eventually found the sweet spot, and the screen-printed feel was exactly what we had hoped to achieve. Our towels were printed with Society6, the quality of the product and the print came out great. For the bottle, we went with custom Corkcicle canteens. With the greeting card, we went with MOO for printing, as their luxe product was well produced, and fell within our budget.

Through the entire process of creating this gift package, we learned several things. The first, is that people like gifts – especially when you take the time to make them a quality experience, with surprise elements. Secondly, we learned that part of the creative process is figuring out what you have to work with and designing around that problem. We had a limited budget to work with, and needed to create something spectacular within that. The budget restrictions allowed us to cleverly allocate our various resources and skills, while designing something that felt high quality. Next year we hope to do something even more fun, exciting, and mysterious.

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Hope Nettles
April 22, 2017 at 3:15 pm

Michael and Ed, this is really Cool. Love the Branding for “The Hood”. Your vision and imagination always amaze me and it brings a sense of humor and fun to experience life to the fullest. Let’s more Adverventures begin….
My Best!!!! Hope Nettles

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