253ml Bottle Campaign




Art Direction, Photography, Retouching, Copywriting


Art Direction: Ed Dye;  Photography: Jeff Wolk; Retouching: Ed Dye; Copywriting: Corwin Carter

For Coca-Cola's launch of the 253ml bottle, they wanted to highlight the smaller size and make the product feel cool. We developed a series of photographic stills that aligned with their 'Taste the Feeling' visual language, as well as wrote headlines for these to be used throughout the campaign. With this new size of bottle, we took a fashion-forward mentality on the shoot in selecting models, clothes, locations, and the extraneous elements that invoked the feeling of summer. And we had a lot of fun along the way.



We showcased the bottle in scenes with people in transit, highlighting how easy the small bottle is when on the move.

We also wanted to focus on families and sharing, to convince families of the new smaller bottle's value.

We developed a series of headlines that communicate the new size and a lower cost.

Our crew loves Coke.

Unused compositions from the shoot.

In order to give the bottle a spot in the marketplace, a younger generation is featured in most of the photography suggesting the bottle is for on-the-go. We selected situational environments that would help express that idea. The final deliverable was executed for billboards and in-store signage for point of sale.

Small bottle, big ideas.