7-11 Share a Coke & Win




Design, Animation


Creative Direction: Rich Johnson; Design: Josh Gilley, Megan Dombeck, Nandhini Mehra

Coca-Cola and 7-Eleven came to us to create a Text-Twist-Win promotion that would go across multiple consumer touchpoints. We created an instructional video that was displayed in interactive banners, e-mails, and websites, along with a point-of-sale piece with the Coca-Cola products in-store and a Snapchat filter for the fans to interact with 7-11 and Coca-Cola, and to turn our consumers into brand ambassadors.

The Snapchat filter was geotargeted to consumers within a close radius to 7-11 locations running the location, another draw to get consumers into the store and buying more Coca-Cola to up their chances of winning.