Academy Awards


Turner Latin America / Academy Awards


Direction, Art Direction, Video, Editing, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Compositing, Motion Graphics, Matte Painting, Creative Retouching, Sound Design


Direction: Ken Soons; Art Direction: Ed Dye; Photography: Ken Soons; Video: Ken Soons; Editing: Ken Soons; 3D Modeling: Jeff Ling; 3D Animation: Daniel Wiggins; Compositing: Milton Whitaker; Motion Graphics: Milton Whitaker; Matte Painting: Ed Dye; Creative Retouching: Ed Dye; Sound Design: Nikos Mavrommatis

For several years we have conceptualized, designed, and executed the graphics package for the Academy Awards airing in South America. Each year we create designs for the pre-show, show, and 7 Days spots. We built strategic elements in 3D utilizing them across all aspects of the project. All the while making sure to maintain a consistent aesthetic.

Collaborating with TNTLA’s team, we aimed to maintain the classic Oscar look. While at the same time incorporating a glamorous feel. For example on the 83rd Awards, our goal was to bring the viewer into the awards show atmosphere. Creating a feeling as if they were walking down the red carpet. Along with participating in the event as a real audience member or celebrity themselves. We did this by incorporating a live action shoot with our 3D elements. The Oscars are a special occasion and we had a great time creating a world where the average viewer can be apart of it. Each year required a different solution and we were up to the task. Check out samples from a few different years below.

Our previous work and process.