Atlanta Falcons


Ford / Atlanta Falcons


Direction, Art Direction, Video, Editing, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Compositing, Motion Graphics, Matte Painting, Creative Retouching, Sound Design


Direction: Ken Soons; Art Direction: Ed Dye; Photography: Jason Maris; Video: Ken Soons; Editing: Ken Soons; 3D Modeling: Jeff Ling; 3D Animation: Daniel Wiggins; Compositing: Milton Whitaker; Motion Graphics: Milton Whitaker; Matte Painting: Ed Dye; Creative Retouching: Ed Dye; Sound Design: Company 3

In collaboration with Ford and the Atlanta Falcons, we made this expansive campaign. The campaign includes an online video game, a pump up video which plays when the players run out for home games, several Jumbotron videos, and looped LED board promotions.

Over the course of several seasons, we made many different elements sponsored by Ford for the Atlanta Falcons. One year we went out and shot several of the key players on a giant green screen at their practice facility. On other occasions when shooting the players was not possible, we did extensive rotoscoping to player footage provided by the NFL. Design, edit, shoot, composite, whatever is needed, our team is up to the task. That’s the beauty of having these resources at your fingertips.