Avon Coaching Playbook




Design, Branding, Illustration


Design: Nandhini Mehra, Megan Dombeck

Avon came to us to create an internal coaching handbook for their sales consultants. They had 200 pages worth of information, and it was up to us to figure out how to tell that story. We concepted, designed, and produced this Avon coaching handbook from start to finish, including illustrating every mark on the page, from loose powder to lipstick streaks, foundation smears, and eyeshadow smudges.

We designed custom Avon lipstick USBs for the sales consultants to use with their coaching handbooks. In addition to illustrating all their makeup tools and creating marks with the Avon makeup to use for transitional design elements, we also created a fun game for the sales associates that showcased the variety of Avon beauty products.