Brand Capabilities & Mission

Our brand name comes from the Swedish term 'to expand': UTÖKA (You-Toe-Kah). We chose this name because our goal is to expand on our client's problems to better develop solutions that deliver value. We don't believe in just the surface level understanding of a project. Going beyond the brief in order to know the brands we work for, we seek to form partnerships with our clientele through our work process.

UTÖKA is a creative problem solving firm. Our capabilities have a wide range but are always in the service of providing value to brands in need. We deliver on two categories: creative strategy and visual storytelling. When working with brands our first step is to asses their campaign, problem, solution, or whatever project is preceding our consultation. Creative strategy is there to figure out whether we can help them and how we can do so. This comes first as its important to understand why they need help and how we can expand on their needs to better service their brand.

Visual storytelling is about expressing the idea, or the strategy in a visual way. This may manifest in a number of executions ranging from a video campaign, visual identity system, or even just a billboard. However, we need to sell the idea of the visuals as more than just a deliverable. It should be taken as a way to tell a brand's story.

Consultation Flow

This chart demonstrates the flow from a client coming to us with a problem to the execution in a simple manner. It breaks up the categories of what we do and when they should be introduced to the client.

Creative Strategy

Branding: Development of a brand’s identity, voice, & positioning. (Examples: Brand-voice copywriting, brand-naming, brand-refresh, archetypal discovery.)

Activation: Plan and execute ideas around experential needs. (Examples: Video driven viral campaign, unique expo display booth, interactive signage.)

Vision Consulting: Expand on the scope of a company’s project/product/business. (Examples: Iterate product from just another cup to an innovative idea.)

Roadmapping: Provide a plan and process on how to move a project/product forward. (Examples: In order to capture this demographic in the later stages of the product life, we need to do x, y, z in the early stages of the products reveal/adoption.)

Visual Storytelling

Motion: Anything encompassing moving images. (Examples: Motion graphics, commercial video, cinematic video, animation.)

Photography: Anything encompassing still imagery. (Examples: Stock photography, commerical photography, creative retouching.)

Illustration: Developing handmade imagery based on artistic direction. (Examples: Editorial, iconography, lettering.)

Design: Anything that requires visual problem solving. (Examples: Print layout, visual identity systems, interactive experience, logo design.)

Art/Creative Direction: Providing guidance on visual solutions. (Examples: Visual moodboards, voice moodboards, motion styling.)

We listen, interpret, and communicate about the problem and our approach.

We don't promise something we can't deliver, but always drive honest communication about our capabilities.

Always educate the client on our work, making the elaborate sound interesting and easy to understand.

Never presume the problem is surface level, we make sure to understand the high-level influences to better interpret the result.

Believe passionate people drive valuable results.

Passion often drives decisions. We partner with passionate companies to help steer those decisions in a direction that results in a valuable return. Our goal is to interpret the underpinnings of a need and define a decision that is honest to your brand.

As goals are constantly shifting, we take the approach of listening to our partners and their markets. Our promise is to educate you on a course of action that is relevant to those goals without compromising your vision. That course of action has the possibility to take the form of a complete rebranding or it may be simple as auditing a customer experience in a chain of stores.

UTÖKA exists to empower passionate decisions by interpreting them into valuable solutions through creative strategy.

An expansion of the process, from problem to solution.








Listen to Passion

Expand on the Details

Make It a Little Weird

Educate On Your Process

Make the Bigger Questions Relevant

Let Honesty Drive Decisions

Bring Goals to the Table, Not Ideas

Use Empathy to Move Conversations

Design Isn't Always Pretty

Always Be Transparent