Cinryze Swell Campaign




Art Direction, Photography, Retouching


Art Direction & Retouching: Ed Dye; Photography: Lee Kordel, Greg Miller; 3D: Jeff Ling

We teamed up with Dudnyk to create artwork illustrating an HAE attack and the looming feeling that goes along with it. We started by shooting the model in studio and scouting several parks for the background plates. One of our artists was always shooting photos for 3D textures when he travelled around the world, so we went into his photo library for the cobble stone texture. We then started building the swelling pathway in 3D and built it in a way to animate it for future use. The ominous feeling that has made this ad so successful came later. In compositing where we were able to take the pieces we created and combine them into the artwork that you now see.

The first piece of artwork set in the park was created for the European market. For the second piece, we utilized the same concept for the North American market, setting the HAE attack in a home environment.