Coca-Cola Aluminum Bottle Sales Aid




Creative Direction, Packaging Design, Print Design


Package Design: AniQuay Braithwaite, Josh Strait; Creative Direction: Corwin Carter; Photography: Ken Soons;

Coca-Cola needed a sales aid to promote their aluminum bottle to their bottlers. This piece shows the elegance of the product along with an educational sales brochure. The design won the Lürzer's Archive Magazine "200 Best Package Design Worldwide" award.

Our goal with the packaging was to elevate the brand and emphasize the aesthetic of the aluminum bottle. The first element that executes these two needs is the brushed aluminum texture of the box. From a far, the box looks as though it's created from the very material in the bottle. Pulling the effect off, we used a specific finish for the box, one that gave it a sheen exemplifying quality. The other goal, creating an elevated look came through with a simple Swiss approach. The box itself is linear with few decorative elements. It does two things: features the product itself and creates a presence. Both of these elements help elevate the brand which in turn elevates the product.

Booklet Design

With the booklet we followed the rules set forth by the packaging, keep it simple. The booklet features a few key points about the aesthetic of the bottle. It also establishes principles of the brand and its relationship to the product. As a sales tool, this really helped sellers put the minds to ease to the quality of the product. The aluminum bottle is a unique item for Coke, as such we felt it should be praised and given the proper tools to do-so.

We started with a unique idea.

Before we even began designing packaging, we sought inspiration in many places. We felt because the bottle was so unique, not single mold could cover what we were trying to express. The packaging needs to be unique, iconic, and approachable. Coke is a human brand, and we wanted to emphasize this quality. With that in mind our inspiration came from a multitude of products. These various places of inspiration lead to a couple of unique directions. Some that took qualities from the product and others that stood on their own. In the end it was clear that we needed something that promoted the brand and the product together.

The final product was striking and classy.