Coca-Cola Peach & Raspberry






Creative Direction: Ed Dye; Design: Josh Strait, Nandhini Mehra; Photography: Fratelli Studio

Coca-Cola wanted to recruit new millennial drinkers to Coca-Cola, and to do so they created limited-time new flavors Georgia Peach and California Raspberry, based on Coca-Cola’s heritage story. Research says that Millennials seek unique experiences through their products, and look to explore new tastes, so this was the perfect way to connect to a new target.

We designed a variety of in-store signage to connect consumers to these craft flavors. The classic design stayed true to Coca-Cola’s signature style while embracing a handcrafted, illustrated style for signage to attract this new set of Coca-Cola drinkers, and accentuate the new regional and seasonal flavors of Georgia Peach and California Raspberry.