Ferrari World




Art Direction, 3D Modeling, Animation, Compositing, Design


Art Direction & Design: Ed Dye; 3D: Jeff Ling; Animation: Daniel Wiggins; Compositing: Yesael Samulave

While Ferrari was building it museum in Dubai we developed animations for their kiosks. The animations are used to show technology developed for Formula One. The interactive exhibits show how the technology is used in the Ferrari production vehicles. We created animations for a permanent interactive installation at The Ferrari Museum. They are part of Ferrari World, the auto company’s expansive exhibit at Dubailand. The billion-dollar theme park helps establish Dubai as a premier tourist destination.

Fueled by our artists' shared passion for all things with horse-power. Our team took full advantage of the opportunity. It showed our talent for detailed animation through videos featuring the world's premiere car.

Working with Studiocom, we created realistic renderings of the Ferrari 58 Italia. They included a schematic view of the car’s engineering. While the animation is a product showcase, it also infuses a strong narrative element. Our team created several side-by-side comparisons of the F1 with its street variation. The video grasps the imagination of owners of the high-performance car. It challenges them to see elements of their street version inside the F1 'dream car.'

Cars just get us, or rather we just get cars.