Illy World


Illy / The Coca-Cola Company


Direction, Editing, Motion Graphics, Hand Animation, Sound Design


Direction: Ed Dye; Editing: Ken Soons; Motion Graphics: Jim Roberson; 3D Modeling, Lighting, Texturing: Jeff Ling, Lee Kordel; 3D Animation: Daniel Wiggins; Sound Design: Nikos Mavrommatis

Illy approached us to make a commercial that they could screen on airport networks, in taxis and other screens on the go. The client was open to concepts but wanted to push the idea that this was a drink that was easy to grab and go anywhere. This was a dream, a coffee dream. From concept to completion we utilized our award-winning visual effects talent on the project. We made a virtual “On-the-Go World” that features a can of Illy transforming into planes, trains and automobiles. The vehicles travel through a sculpted paper landscape. This fantastic journey has become one of our favorite animations.

Here you can see a good bit of our thought process, from hand drawn story boards to rough 3D animatics, this was a long process, but we feel the results were worth the wait.