Art Direction, Motion Design, 3D Design & Animation


Art Direction: Ed Dye, Motion: Ken Soons; 3D: Jeff Ling; Animation: Milton Whitaker

Our client came to us with a two-fold problem to solve. One, raise the level of national awareness for the skin care product and two, make the product desirable enough to sell the company as it was currently on the market. Impruv is a proven product found on drug stores aisles. We wanted the product to seem higher end and more desirable to cosmetic customers.

Our solution was to develop a woman in nature, Eve-like theme where the model is living in perfect harmony with nature. Working collaboratively with Adair Greene advertising, Ed Dye designed the look of the campaign from idea to completion. For the shoot, we brought in acclaimed director of photography Ketil Dietrichson. The talent was shot on a blue screen stage, while the leaf, flower and product were all created in 3D. Director Ken Soons wanted a very specific fashion look and Ketil hand carried Brieze Lights on a plane from Los Angeles to get this look. These lights create a beautiful look with amazing skin tones and were not available in Atlanta at the time of this production. We were the first production company in Atlanta to use this technology on a shoot. The shoot elements were composited together, creating a beautiful commercial and print campaign for the natural skin care lotion. The campaign was a success as it changed brand awareness and several months after the airing of the commercial the brand was sold. Mission accomplished on all fronts.

All natural skin care lotion.