Jaguar Winter Tyres


Epsilon / Jaguar / Land Rover


Direction, 3D Modeling, Lighting, Texturing, Animation, Editing, Motion Graphics, Compositing,  Sound Design


Direction: Ed Dye, Ken Soons; 3D Modeling, Lighting, Texturing, Animation: Jeff Ling, Vlad Steltsov, Daniel Wiggins; Editing: Ken Soons; Motion Graphics, Compositing: Milton Whitaker; Sound Design: Nikos Mavrommatis; Animation: Daniel Wiggins; Sound Design: Nikos Mavrommatis

Winter is a season that is both harsh and lovely. Depending on what region you call home, “harsh” can hold certain significant dangers. Especially ones associated with driving. Jaguar Land Rover, in an attempt to educate customers on the importance of winter tires needed a compelling yet informative spot to get their message across. Also in England the spell “tires” – “tyres”, who knew.

We were beyond thrilled when Jaguar asked us to build an animated spot, one that featured their gorgeous Jaguar X250 XF Saloon car. With a snowy storyboard as our guide, our team worked in Maya. We used it to create and animate both cars, along with building the surrounding landscape in 3D. We experimented with various camera moves. The final settled on angles and edits were the best that told the story of driving safe in dangerous conditions. We spent a lot of time on the color correction, until we were 100% satisfied with the cool, winter look.