Land Rover Origami Campaign


Epsilon / Jaguar / Land Rover


Direction, 3D Modeling Lighting, Texturing, Animation, Editing, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Sound Design


Direction: Ed Dye; 3D Modeling, Lighting, Texturing, Animation: Jeff Ling, Vlad Steltsov, Daniel Wiggins; Editing: Ken Soons; Motion Graphics, Compositing: Jim Roberson, Milton Whitaker; Sound Design: Nikos Mavrommatis

Aspen Marketing came to us with an animation concept for their new paperless campaign. We created one for Land Rover and one for Jaguar. They asked us to create animations that combined origami with line-drawn sketch backgrounds. A style hoping to reinforce the idea for it’s customers to go paperless.

The team made real origami paper models, to research how they would build the look in 3D. We then reverse-engineered the models and built them in 3D. Our animator was able to work through the folding techniques from the original paper models. We composited the service report papers on to the 3D origami models and animated the line-drawn environments/scenes. 

We experimented and problem-solved to create the illusion of a stop-motion frame rate, discoloring each frame so they look traditionally shot. We built the real paper models to help us with the paper folding effect.

The paper is mightier than the sword.