Our logomark is a collective of ideas: impossible, interesting, and quizzical. It helps represent the ability of UTÖKA, we can accomplish whatever you imagine. The mark itself is based on the idea of a Penrose-shape, something that is impossible exist in three dimensions.

The mark is also broken up into different representations and meanings. This helps encompass the studio as a whole, displaying our different disciplines as well as the ways we tackle problems.

Our primary mark is transparency, as it is at the forefront of all our work. Our process is one of open and equal communication with clients, thus it only makes sense to represent in most of our collateral.

Do Not

Because our logomark is so complicated, it’s important to keep its visual presence simple. Adding effects, and other things to it will only complicate its representation and murk the branding.

While it is a no-no to alter the actual form of the mark, adding things to it and essentially ‘decorating’ are acceptable to a degree.