The best way to represent a name is with letters. A logotype is just that, a visual-form of a name. With that, it should be creative and unique. Ours is custom letter forms crafted to give our brand a unique look. Everything from the umlaut of the ‘o’ to the modular system have been meticulously worked out.

The logotype should always stay pristine. It’s always important that it be represented as is, such that it has brand recognition in places where it’s the only indication of the brand. 

The most compelling aspect of having a logotype this modular is the fact that the letter forms are unique and beautiful on their own. Each character has its own expression, being separated allows them to the view a chance to really understand their nuances.

Standard Horizontal Logotype

Reversed Logotype

Minimum Clear-space

The UTÖKA logotype features a couple of typographic problems revolving around a modern oriented style typeface. First there are the curves of the ‘U’ ‘O’ and ‘A’ that dip above the cap-height and below the baseline. These must be resolved optically. 

The second is the umlaut over the ‘O’, this causes a peak in the typeface that needs to be centered through optical kerning. Otherwise the logotype will look slightly off-balanced.

Standard Vertical Logotype