Max Clarity Skin Care


Max Clarity


Creative Direction, Retouching, 3D Modeling, 3D Design


Creative Direction: Ed Dye, Motion Direction: Ken Soons; 3D: Jeff Ling;

The Acne Treatment market is a 2.5 billion dollar market in the United States alone. Many of the products are marketed via infomercials and direct marketing. MaxClarity wanted to separate itself within the market by sending a positive, and friendly message that made their product appear more high-end than the traditional infomercial acne products. Partnering with Adair Greene advertising, we created an upscale fashionable commercial and several emerging media campaigns for the web that specifically were aimed at teens. The aspirational tone set with locations, art direction, fashion forward lighting and film style really resonated with teens. The campaign was a major success as teens identified with the message and online orders of the product greatly increased.