Pampers Diaper




Art Direction, Photography, 3D Modeling, Animation, Compositing


Art Direction: Ed Dye; Photography: Ken Soons; 3D: Jeff Ling; Animation: Daniel Wiggins; Compositing: Milton Whitaker

Approximately 1.35 billion people live in China which makes this a massive market for any industry. With such a booming population Pampers is a perfect fit. We were hired to create an animation and various stills for the Chinese and American markets. Our challenge was to communicate softness, wetness and dryness to the viewer.  We did lots of research and exploration to make this possible.  At the same time as we were producing the visuals, the diaper was going into production, which presented another challenge for us. The physical product was evolving, so we had to adapt our CGI models to the current design. Pull-Ups and Tab-Style Diapers have many graphic patterns for gender specific needs. Because of these variations, having a adaptable 3D model made the stills and animations easy to reproduce a matching look.

Animation Test Preview

3D Model Preview