Patterns are a fun part of the brand. They are created from the core elements of our brand: color, logotype, and logomark. New patterns are always created, but they should never stray from the core elements. Patterns can be used in a number of ways, from document background to packaging. Patterns help create iconic notes and help express the personality of the brand. We have two types of backgrounds that take not from historical design.

Type A: This type of pattern uses our set of logomarks to create a repetitive visual that creates the illusion of a stacked, isometric visual. This type of design takes note from Japanese patterning. It is repetitive and consistent. It uses heavy lines to create flow and has stark contrasts. Contrast is important here as well as a stacking method that creates a zig-zag effect.

Type B: Using both the logotype and the logomark to create a pattern creates a classic, fashionable look. This speaks to the upscale end of UTÖKA. Tenants of this style include: keep elements upright, stagger every other line, do not too closely, create appropriate proportion between elements, and contrast should be even between background/elements.