Sarah Smith Education Foundation


Sarah Smith Education Foundation


Direction, Art Direction, Editing, Photography, Print Layout, Motion Graphics, Creative Retouching, Sound Design


Direction: Ken Soons; DP: Pete Wages; Producer: Andrew Grein; Art Direction: Ed Dye; Photography: Ken Soons; Print Layout: AniQuay Braithwait; Editing: Ken Soons; Motion Graphics: Mike Straub; Creative Retouching: Ed Dye; Sound Design: Nikos Mavrommatis

The foundation is a non-profit organization that helps to fund Sarah Smith Elementary School, their mission is to provide children with an enriched and well-rounded education. SSEF asked us to produce a promotional video for the foundation, along with a yearly annual report.

Working with a small, dedicated crew; Director Ken Soons went on location. At the campus he directed the students from Sarah Smith Elementary, wrapping with inspiring, beautifully shot scenes, with excellent performances from the young stars. We designed playful chalk drawings to visualize the children’s hope for the future. While at the school Ken shot images to use in the annual report, which we have continued to make for several years now, making us a cornerstone of the Sarah Smith Education community.

There are few things more important to us than the education of our children. 

Children are the future!