The Hood Branding


The Hood


Creative Direction, Brand Development & Activation


Creative Direction: Jack Bloom;  Brand Development & Activation Primary Team: Megan Dombeck, Nandhini Mehra; Brand Development & Activation Secondary Team: Corwin Carter, Rich Johnson, Josh Strait 

The Hood is a local Atlanta establishment, developed to give young athletes the edge in the game of Baseball. Founded by Jay Hood, the facility provides a space where focused training and coaching help develop and refine the skills of to-be players. Our role in the project was to define the brand’s positioning and its visual representation.

As a new training facility, The Hood needed a unique identity. What differentiated this brand from similar ones, was Jay’s history and experience with the sport. In order to capitalize on this aspect, it was important to have his voice at the forefront, and to play up his persona within everything we developed. We did this through the visual identity, the voice and tone of the brand, and by developing an aesthetic inspired by the history of baseball. We created a number of key visual elements to tie it all together and make the brand truly unified.

The identity is based on two archetypes: The Hero and The Sage. These create the foundation for the rest of the brand from a visual perspective, and lend it its voice. Using traits of The Hero archetype, we focused on developing a photographic direction that emphasized moments of triumph. This followed through to the voice, where we combined aspects of The Hero and The Sage to create a suite of taglines which sought to inspire, motivate, and uplift. The aesthetic direction of the rest of the collateral followed through with these traits of the archetypes, to create a system that spoke true to Jay Hood’s persona, was resoundingly unique, and unified.

The aesthetic direction of the collateral spoke to Jay Hood's persona. Resoundingly unique, and unified.

The bold aesthetic developed for the brand’s physical collateral was carried through to the facility interiors and exteriors.