Visual Brand Values

UTÖKA possesses a unique identity. One that allows for infinite exploration and beautiful identification. To be holistic and cohesive there must be value set in place. There needs to be a standard of visual excellence which allows for unlimited creation with strict boundaries.

The following guidelines are set to give the brand an approach that will set itself apart from others. This guideline helps to create a resource. One for others to understand the seed of the brand’s visual presence.

While the guidelines have specific points around visual representation, it should take note that rules are meant to be broken. As designers, you should always be looking for ways to solve a problem. If the problem calls for thinking outside of the box and breaking a few of the guidelines then so be it. 

There are certain guidelines that are not supposed to be broken and those are outlined here. These rules help create brand awareness regardless of context. They are at the core of the identity and should not change regardless of the situation or problem.

1 Colors

There are three colors to the brand. They are blue, red, and gray. They hold the identity of the brand. Without the brand colors we remain unnoticeable in a sea of agencies, firms, and studios. These colors make us and they should not change from the guidelines.

Blue: the color for strategy. As a design oriented firm, we are always looking to solve a problem. That only happens with proper foundation.

Red: process, a huge part of how anything gets done. It is not only the physical act of creation, it is also the mental exercise of conceptualizing, developing, and executing.

Gray: represents transparency. Unblocked by other colors, the light gray of our brand allows for clarity and thus absorption. 

2 Typography

Typography is at the heart of visual communication. Without it, design relies on pictographs to communicate meaning, which can only go so far. Thus, as a visual communication brand our typography must always be pristine and consistent. We do not use multiple typefaces and we do not abuse the letter-forms of our typeface.

3 Logo

Our logomark is a complicated symbol. It has many facets and layers of meaning. Thus, there needs to be clarity around its form. The logotype should always be represented in a way that promotes legibility. It should always look geometric, clean, and sharp. It should not be represented in ways that promote something other than what UTÖKA is.