Your Creative Agency in Atlanta, GA

UTÖKA is a creative agency based in Atlanta. What exactly does that mean? Well we do a little bit of everything, but essentially, we are a collective of visual storytellers that thrive on bringing ideas to life through imagination, passion, and collaboration.

Oh and in case you're wondering about the name, it comes from the Swedish term ‘to expand’. Our mission is to expand on our client’s work and expectations to develop valuable solutions. (Plus, who doesn't love an umlaut?) We collaborate with brands and other agencies alike to help best tell the brand’s story through strategy, design, animation, writing, production, interpretive dance, or anything else sent our way.


What We Do

At UTÖKA, we have a wide range of capabilities, and it is our mission to give purpose to brands through strategic thinking and visual storytelling. This may manifest in a number of ways ranging from a video campaign to a visual identity system, a 3D animation or just a billboard. But our focus is always the same - to tell a brand's story in a valuable way. 

We do a lot - concepting, copywriting, design, animation, motion graphics, production, the list goes on. To see a full list of our capabilities, go here.